Sunday, 23 January 2022

Support Auckland Sexual Abuse HELP Foundation in the ASB Auckland Marathon

Join in New Zealand’s biggest, most iconic, colourful, cultural running celebration. Be part of the action and Run the City.

HELPathon is a team of walkers, runners and anyone who wants to support HELP. Calling all children, youth, women and men who want to make a difference. #MeToo or #WeToo who want to support survivors and help prevent sexual abuse.

1 in 3-4 girls may be abused before the age of 16, and 1 in 7 boys. NOT acceptable. Help us make a difference.

HELP is here to help Aucklanders who’ve been sexually abused. To help support victims and survivors, advocate for their rights, and enable them to reclaim good lives. To educate families, preschools and communities about sexual abuse to keep their children and young people safe.
And, crucially, to prevent sexual abuse in the first place by helping to create the change we all want to see in our society ... so we can help protect future generations too.

Every dollar counts.

Ask friends and family to join you. Make a team!

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Preventing sexual abuse. Supporting sexual abuse survivors to heal.

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